Time Travel

Animated projection, transparent window vinyl, screen.
Installation area 1.5m(W) x1.5m(D) x 1.8m(H)

Time Travel is an interactive installation of an imagined clock dial that encircles the earth, projected in light. Created for the Gertrude Street Projection Festival, and sited in Melbourne’s first suburb of Fitzroy and the ancient lands of the Wurundjeri, it spikes an arrow of time through the past, present and future. According to the viewpoint it transforms, and plays with the properties of light and the way we perceive colour to create illusions with form and text. By viewing the projection through the red or blue transparent windows opposing perspectives are revealed: the perspective beneath us ‘a time capsule containing all of history’; or the perspective above us ‘the endless infinity of space’.


Time Travel (in situ and detail images)
Jessie Stanley, 2017.

This short film was produced and directed by Marc Eiden with thanks.