Spectrum (sculpture)

Aluminium, steel, glazing, lightbox, vinyl, paint, rechargeable battery, castors, fixings. Dimensions 76W x 76D x 152.5H(cm)

Spectrum is a diagrammatic and interactive sculpture that extrapolates some of the opposing forces that shape society. It plays with the properties of light and the way we perceive colour to create illusions with form and text, and filter dialectic ideologies. According to the viewpoint it shifts and changes, and seeks to provoke enquiry. Sited within RMIT’s city campus, this mobile sculpture responds to the contiguous learning environment with a minimalistic ‘Encyclopaedic Palace’: and addresses the complexity of the shaping of place.

Commissioned by RMIT, New Academic Street UA:LL

On permanent display
RMIT City Campus Library
Building 10, Level 5
Swanston Street, Melbourne


Spectrum (in situ and detail images)
Jessie Stanley, 2017.