Dust to Dust

Ephemeral soil stencil,
City of Banyule council lobby.
4.5 x 4.5m

Dust to Dust is an ephemeral site specific work created from stencilled soil. Spanning 4.5x4.5m and temporarily situated with the City of Banyule council lobby, it broached how the Melbourne suburb of Greensborough has transformed over time and engaged passers by in discussion. The area's exceptionally fertile soil was transformed by white settlers for farms, market gardens and orchards, and reshaped the Wurundjeri's traditional lands: today the private sale and division of these farms informs the street scape and town plan. With soil sourced locally this work reveals some of the areas history - the text running around the perimeter of it’s circular form was written by former resident Valerie Wilson - a snippet of her recollections of growing up in the area in the 1950's. Four arrows mark significant landmarks and act like a compass to orientate this site within greater Melbourne. 


Dust to Dust (detail images)
Jessie Stanley, 2017.